Dick Kent aka '1st Place' aka 'The Lion King' aka 'Superkent'.

Born in New York, USA, Dick Kent moved to Germany after graduating from High School in 1996, where over Hamburg, Munich and Berlin he finally found a second home in the city of Cologne. Dick Kent has become a great admirer of the german language, but also the lifestyle and culture have inspired him.

Nowadays Dick Kent hates New York. In his opinion New Yorkers living in that city, are having problems with attitude, emerging from their geographical location of their centers of their lifes. In his views there is a certain New York arrogance, which stands in stark contrast to the origin of the first settlers from the old world. He often wonders if the crossing of the pacific ocean by the Mayflower in 1620 from England to Virginia, has been a tragic accident, bad sarkasm of the heavens. Labelpartner Fast Eddie at all events, even is convinced, Mr. Kent hates each and every single New Yorker personally.

Dick Kent is obsessed by class and style, foremost by anything money can not buy. A word describing his style can be 'vintage', but it would leave the mind depth of his beeing unnoticed, of which he confronts himself within his arts. Lades Blank once said about him: "He is a reality loving fanatic, who again and again rises an "inner dschihad" within me, which takes me that one step further to come forward.".

Roumors beeing spread, Mr. Kent is a cousin Superman´s. By contrast, Mr. Kent is supposed to even be immune against cryptonite. Unfortunately any proof of evidence for that is missing.







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