Gordon Shumway aka 'Prince Among Thieves' aka 'Shooter' aka 'Train Rider'.

Inspired by a 90 cm tall and furry egoist of a late 80´s TV-show from planet Melmac, stranded on earth and whose biggest dream is eating the cat of his asylum granting commonwealth. This outlook on life (and of course his producer skills) impressed label-manager Dick kent.

Gordon Shumway always has had an affinity to electronic music. He takes on many different ways of expressing himself musically. His tracks are more of a experimental nature, but also classic genres such as Drum n Bass are beeing approached by Gordon Shumway.

Maximum respect and big ups by Gordon Shumway going out to artists like Pete Rock or KRS-One, MC Chill, Erik B & Rakim and Kurtis Blow. Up until a few years back the "Train Rider" loved the Hip-Hop. This has changed during the ongoing evolution of the Gangsta-Rap scene. Especially german Gangster-Rap formations promoting they "are beeing a helping hand to the development of german society and youth culture" are target of his ridicule. "Nobody wants to hear how much these minor developed individuals hate themselves and their environment" ("I fuck your ... (enter specific noun here)" - Quotation any gangsta-rapper). With no intelligence and humor these artists express, that they do not have the necessary knowledge about themselves at their disposal to be recognized as responsible individuals.

Born out of a feeling for community, of cheerfulness and artistic expression, the idea of Hip-Hop was simply misunderstood and also, in the end, betrayed by those less intelligent and less concious men and women.

"If I listen to that more or less non-intelligent stuff, maybe even talk that same smack afterwards, then sooner or later I probably will be eating that shit myself. And you do not really want that to happen to you. I keep it real as KRS-One is ultimately the only true definition of Hip-Hop."
- Gordon Shumway

At the time Gordon is fine-tuning upgrades on the Hyper-9 drive of his spaceship.







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