Lades Blank aka 'EZ' aka 'The Samurai' aka 'Jack Raham'.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and growing up in Mannheim, Germany, Lades Blank, as many haitians, started identifying with the cult of voodoo. That voodoo is affiliated with unsavory reputation does not bother him much. A famous quotation of his says: "In Haiti the peoples are 99% catholic, but 100% voodoo. And so many individuals with the love for god can not be so wrong in their judgement". Since 1999 Lades Blank works and lives in the city of Cologne.

His family tree can be traced way back to the famous pirate 'Pierre le Grand', who was the first pirate to base his headquarters on Tortuga, an island north of Hispaniola/Haiti in the 16th century. The legend is told that he attacked a spanish treasure galleon carrying full cargo with a skiff and a crew of only 28 men. Bevor starting the attack he gave order to drill holes to the hull of the skiff. With the result, that there was only two options for him and his crew: gaining fame and honour as most feared men in the caribbean or the shame of death. Since the skiff pretty quick was sunken, the spanish soldiers believed they were fighting demons falling from the heavens equipped with supernatural powers which could not be defeated in battle. Pierre le Grand boarded the ship and sailed the prize safely to France to settle as a self-made man. Today Pierre le Grand is figured as the prototype of the caribbean pirate.







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