Eddie Tokyo aka 'The Thin Man' aka 'Fast Eddie' aka 'Miami Drift'.

Born in Cologne and still loyal to the City. Eddie is a regular visitor to the cologne horse racecourse. Not that he is an expert at the sport of gallop or even a player. To him a few bets on horses on a sunny day is one of the necessities in life.

Musically he is influenced by 80´s pop music. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Rick Astley or Spandau Ballet for example, fascinate and inspire him. In his eyes "They all together have proven that class and style still is available.", insinuating the terrible hairstyles of Don Johnsons, Andre Agassis and Tina Turners of that time.

A lot of exitement was tossed up in the air when Eddie hit the labels office with a Playstation 2, lightguns and eleven matching games. Ever since, the colts have been smoking in the artists headquarters.

As for now, he also is in charge for the accounts department of The Ironfist Group Kooperative.

Enthusiastic about Miami and Tokyo, Eddie is working on a solution acquiring holiday homes in both metropolis.







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