Clockwork Subcomandante

Clockwork Subcomandante was formed by Dick Kent and Lades Blank in 2002. Originally founded as Negative Illusion Recording Company, the name of the label originating from wordplay of the two artists. In still a dizzy state of mind beeing tipsy, "les deux valseuses" waiting early sunday morning for public transportation in the City of Cologne. Asked by Mr. Blank: "Any new tracks noe?", Mr. Kent answers in a solsticing manner: "Negative, Illusionist." (Negativ du Illusionist! A way of humourous social interaction practiced by some small parts of the german urban culture). That Statement beeing spoken brought their creative potential to the nut.

In 2004 Gordon Shumway and Eddie Tokyo became part of Clockwork Subcomandante / Negative Illusion Recordings. Similar approaches toward the artform and a shared passion for electronic music production now shaping the sound of the label.

In June 2009 ambitions of the artists start rising, taking their music and label a step further to the next level, at that time still under the trademark of Negative Illusion Recordings. Alongside, the first own labelwebsite is launched in June 2011. As silly and annoying it seemed, the artists discussed and shared workflows and functioning ways of production, to translate common aims in style and flow more transparent into practice. The outcome was as surprising as mindblowing: Crucial factor on the labels way had to be, tracks by any means must be created by existing ideas and floats of the artists themselves.

An evolution of this just described creativity and also the supernatural mental powers of the artists in 2013 finally lead to the evolution of the label and a new trademark was needed. Clockwork Subcomandante was born with three dollars and six dimes.

Criterion for a common labels feel of a good track is determined by questioning if the tracks drums are smacking. In a meaning of  "Der Ton macht die Musik." (german musically influenced wordplay generally speaking of: It´s not what you say, but how you say it.). It is mainly the rhythm by which music should be written.

The label doesn´t really wants to admit to a certain genre, fact is that Drum and Bass as well as Breaks/Breakbeat are dominating the labels releases. To the artists of Clockwork Subcomandante it always was, is and will remain the genre of music.

The artists influences are to be found in the genres of Rock n Roll, Hardrock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Soul, House, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Jungle and Drum n Bass. But also Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Punk and Swing are gathering on their playlists. Even though listening to music has faded into the background to the artists.

The creativity of each ones own creature is determining for the sound of the label.







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